We offer evening and Saturday appointments for those who work or are coming from afar, however, if you still…

Can’t Get to West LA?

Distance Consultations

While we’d prefer to sit down with you in person, it just might not be possible for you to get to my office. Luckily the cyber age has ways of bringing us closer.

In addition to in-office visits in my West Los Angeles office, we also offer consultations via Skype or a combination of email and phone to provide me with the necessary information we need to develop a treatment plan for you and/or your child.

Here’s how it works:

55 Minute Consultation via Skype or Phone

This session includes a thorough history taking and interview to determine the nature of the condition and understand the contributing factors. We we then determine the best course of treatment – which may include dietary recommendations, supplements, and/or Chinese herbs.

We take the time to thoroughly answer all of your questions; once you (or your child) are a patient in our care, you don’t have to wait until your next appointment… The 55 Minute Consultation includes unlimited follow-up emails requiring less than 10 minutes to read and respond.

For kids: To qualify for the distance consultation, your child must be under the care of a practitioner (MD, DO, LAc, NP, DC, or other) who sees your child in person for their regular pediatric check ups – OR alternatively – see us for the in-office for the initial consultation and use the distance appointments for follow-up.

Cost: $325

Follow-up Appointments via Skype, phone, or email

Emails that require more than 10 minutes to read and respond will be billed at our hourly rate, in 15 minute increments - but we will discuss this together before a charge occurs.

Cost: $60/half hour, $35/ for 15 minutes.


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