Pregnancy acupuncture is safe, gentle, relaxing, & effective.

Pregnancy acupuncture – 1st Trimester

Congrats! You are growing a human! Your baby’s most critical development will occur during the next ten weeks. Optimize your health by eating right, avoiding toxins, gently exercising, and getting lots of extra rest and relaxation.

Common first trimester ailments include fatigue and ‘morning’ sickness, which can actually be nausea and/or vomiting that lasts all day. Many mommies-to-be may also experience some anxiety. Anxiety, which often goes undetected, may intensify your fatigue and nausea.

Pregnancy acupuncture in your first trimester focuses on reducing tension and anxiousness and working to replace it with a calm mind and relaxed nervous system. Morning sickness often responses well to gentle acupuncture and minor dietary modifications. Chinese medicine has also been used for centuries to “secure the fetus” or strengthen the pregnancy to prevent miscarriage during early pregnancy.

Pregnancy acupuncture - 2nd Trimester

Yes, you are finally glowing! By now, much of the discomfort of early pregnancy has subsided or soon will. You’re beginning to have a little bump, which probably makes the last several weeks of fatigue and nausea seem all worth it. While your energy may be strong, your body continues to change. 

You may (or may not) notice headaches, leg cramps, back pain, abdominal pain, heartburn, pain in the buttocks or down the leg (sciatica), and wrist. Pregnancy acupuncture is extremely effective in alleviating many of these aches and pains as baby begins to make his or her presence known.

Pregnancy acupuncture - 3rd Trimester

Feeling a bit crowded? By this point your body has expanded a great deal and you have gained twenty to thirty pounds or more. Baby takes up a bunch of space and plays trampoline on your ribs. The strain on your body may cause shortness of breath, swelling of your hands and feet, varicose veins, achy hips, abdominal cramps, round ligament pain and difficulty sleeping.

Aside from providing you with incredible symptom relief, bodywork and pregnancy acupuncture during the third trimester help prepare you and your baby for a natural and healthy birthing experience.

Acupuncture for Labor Preparation and “Induction”

Beginning at 36 weeks acupuncture is administered once a week as a safe and effective treatment to encourage natural labor. Studies indicate that gently needling specific points on the body can help to reduce the length of labor, prevent overdue births, and accelerate cervical ripening and dilation. The protocol calls for pregnancy acupuncture once a week from week 36 until baby is born.

Click here to read an abstract about Acupuncture for labor induction – or as we prefer to say – Acupuncture to encourage natural labor.

Postpartum Support

Yay! Baby’s here! …Now what??? 

For some new moms the transition from pregnancy to parenthood isn’t always smooth sailing. Fatigue and hormonal shifts team up with new changes in your body. The dynamics of the household suddenly shift as an amazing, new person now lives with you and runs the show.

Postpartum acupuncture and herbal therapy can provide a vital support during this transition. If getting out of the house seems impossible with a new baby, your practitioner can usually arrange a house call.


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